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Serves 2


200g new potatoes

4 garlic cloves

8 chicken thighs

150g pesto

2 courgettes, cut into 1 cm thick slices

200g cherry tomatoes on the vine

2 tbsp olive oil


1. Cut the potatoes in half and peel the garlic cloves.

2. Put the chicken thighs in a large roasting tin or dish and arrange the potatoes and garlic around them. Drizzle over the olive oil, season with sea salt and freshly ground pepper, then roast in the oven for 40-45 mins.

3. Add the courgettes to the roasting tin after the chicken has been in the oven for 20 mins.

4. Add the tomatoes for the final 10 mins cooking time. At the end of the cooking time, the chicken should be golden and cooked through.

5. Remove from the oven and spoon over the pesto before serving.

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